• Summer 2018 UK

36 Americans Hit Open Waters Towards the Isle of Bute

Today was a full day on the Isle of Bute which gave our students the opportunity to see what small town economics and regeneration could look like. First we walked though Glasgow towards the central train station. After a 45 minute train ride we hopped onto a ferry.

Well this reminds me of somewhere familiar.... Gotta love Seattle.

Much goofiness ensued.

Where is that Celine Dion music coming from?!?!? Oh wait I get it.... If we sink Lindsay please make sure Minh is smart enough to get onto the floating piece of wood.

This ride also gave us an opportunity for a full group shot..... Well almost the whole group.

Who can figure out who the missing person is?

No trip to an island is complete without some ice cream. Our trusty leader, Dave Carter, informed us that the reason the ice cream on the Isle of Bute was so delicious was because there was a group of Italians who settled on the island and brought with them their family recipes.

After a nice lunch all 36 of us piled onto the local hop on hop off bus and got a tour of the island. We got to meet many locals along the route, including a dog waiting by the fence for her daily biscuit. We finished our time on the island with more ice cream and a little bit more free time.

We hopped back on the ferry, followed by the train and arrived back in Glasgow just in time for dinner.

View from the ferry on the way home.

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