• Summer 2018 UK

A Note Directly from a Student

It has been 10 days since the beginning of the study abroad. We have walked intensively, and some can feel our feet hurt yet it has been so worth it. London is an amazing city, one can just not stay put, there is so much to do, everywhere you look has something to engage you. The castles, the parliament, Abby road studios, Canary Warf there is so much I would never end to list them.

Being able to move around the city with 30 people has been quite an interesting experience. It has been much easier with smaller groups but still we have been very creative in how to make sure everyone gets to the platform on time or how to take a great picture while on the run.

Students using public structures to get a great picture

London has been amazing most of us had prepared mentally for a summer with very little sun, but on the contrary when we come home you might think we were on a beach. We will all be very tan! The sun is hot, and we are constantly reminded how important nature specially trees are

Student under a tree canopy for shade

Today we said goodbye to London and hello to Manchester.

Cheers for 9 more days of exploring the world.

The world revels itself to those who travel by foot – Werner Herzog

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