• Summer 2018 UK

Bath: Home to the Roman's and Millions of Tourists.

Today we got to visit on of the great wonders of the United Kingdom, Bath. Home to the Roman's living in Britain during the Roman Empire, this was hand's down one of the most interesting days out we had. Students and faculty had free time until as a group we toured the Roman Bath's. As soon as freedom was possible a few of the faculty scurried away to find our own adventures. This started at the Royal Crescent.

Royal Crescent

Manish, one of our faculty was determined to find the Ha Ha nearby the crescent that he had seen on a previous visit to Bath, and so the search began.

Lindsay is surprised to find the Ha Ha in the greens that lead up to the Royal Crescent.

We made our way towards the Roman Bath's stopping at all the major sites. Along the way we found that many students were following the same trail and so we knew they were making the best of their day here in Bath.

Bath Abbey

As we waited for the group to arrive outside the bath's we were serenaded by a very impressive Italian opera singer. As we waited in line we were also included in a bit of street performance which gave us all a good laugh.

Kate, tour guide for the day, is approached by some very pushy "reporters" but she was not going to fall for their game

We gathered our audioguides and listened to instructions to NOT touch the water and each went our separate ways as we made our way through the Roman Bath's.

Bath Abbey behind the Central Pool

The green water didn't sway everybody and after the day had completed it was shared that a few people had in fact touched the water. *Shocked emoji*.

Today was a great day filled with history, art, and architecture. Even the afternoon downpour could't ruin the day for us. As we made our way back to Bristol many of us reflected on the day. Tomorrow is going to be a whole new day, with a whole new country..... Well kind of.

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