• Summer 2018 UK

Country Roads Take Me Home...

Finally the day that David wouldn't shut up about has arrived, it is FARM DAY!!!! We started our day early and drove to Chipping Campdon for a walk through the country.

The only stretch of road without street parking.

One group went uphill and the other went downhill. My group went up... and up... and up.

We finally got high enough for a beautiful view and everybody flooded out into the fields.

Once we made it to the top we stopped to eat lunch. Man, what a view!

View from the top.

Everybody enjoying lunch.

We took this time to discuss planning systems in rural settings and just soaked up some sunshine, not that we haven't had enough on this trip. Some of us even spent some time contemplating life.

Dave Carter looking into the distance.

Before our group left we took a quick group shot.

Down the hill we went. Many were excited to meet some sheep along the way. I'm mainly speaking about one of our trusty leaders, Manish, who wanted a picture of himself with a lamb. Unfortunately for him, lambs are born in the spring and it is the middle of summer.

Through the straw fields we go.

After a short stop in the town we walked for miles before we found the bus again and then we were off to dinner at the farm.

To give a little background on this whole farm thing, David has been eluding to this amazing dinner on the farm since I met him in October. But as many of us have learned David likes to exaggerate things and so we had no idea what was going to happen. The scenery was wonderful and many of out stomachs were growling. As the bus drove up one of the scariest lanes to the top of a hill we had finally arrived.

Let's just say that David did not exaggerate one bit on this one. Everything was amazing. the food, the company, the view, and most of all the overall sense of comradely that could be felt by all. We are nearly half way through our program and this is a wonderful way to celebrate it.

Students enjoying a truly wonderful home cooked meal.

Our wonderful hosts.

Everyone found something to do. Many students wandered the fields and looked at the amazing view. Others found the swing and wheelbarrow more to their liking. But the hit of the evening was some weird game where students try and karate chop each other until only one person is left. As you can tell I don't understand the rules and thus cannot explain it any further then that, but our hosts found it very entertaining.

Many students, myself included, found the dogs to be the best part. Manish greatly enjoyed the swing.

As our evening came to a close we decided this was the place to have a full group shot. Yes I know this is the goofy picture, but when it comes down to it this shows the true character of our group. We love to have fun and this evening was a really special treat for all of us.

As I wandered the property I couldn't help but think about the promise that David made to all of us that this would be a night none of us would ever forget. With a view like this how could anybody?

Thank you David for the wonderful evening filled with memories. You really did good on this one! But most of all thank you to Edward and Hester for allowing 36 loud Americans come to your home and sharing with us a truly amazing meal and experience.

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