• Summer 2018 UK

Day 1, but really 2...

EVERYBODY MADE IT! 30 graduate and undergraduate students have made the journey across the Atlantic to study sustainable urban development in the United Kingdom. Today we started our first day together in London with a welcome from the program director, David Blum, and a short introduction to the United Kingdom by David Carter from the University of Manchester. Everybody was jet lagged and hot but after a short walk to the main UCL campus we got to hear a wonderful introduction to historic preservation from the woman who leads the field in England, Victoria Thompson. This was followed by a somewhat chaotic first tube ride.

Trying to get 37 people across a busy bike lane at rush hour

Trying to get 37 people from one stop to another is harder than expected. Students and faculty broke for a leisurely lunch in the sun followed by a ferry ride up the Thames.

Some of our students as they float past the London Eye

Students were even time to explore Greenwich, with many finding the Royal Observatory where many students straddled the Meridian Line.

This was followed by a ferry ride back to London and our first group meal together.

All in all it has been a very successful first day in the United Kingdom.

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