• Summer 2018 UK

Did Someone say Harry Potter!!!

This is a note directly from a student

Scotland has been an adventure and by far my favorite area of the UK so far. But if I have to pick my top winner EdinBRO, as the scothish say, is my favorite. Not only because it’s the city that saw Harry Potter be born, but because its architecture and views are just breathtaking.

The view from the top of the volcano seemed like a fairy tale.

The royal mile is a beautiful corridor that will lead you to the castle or the parliament, the gothic architecture takes you back to the time when it was constructed. The volcano gives you views that only in your dreams you would have imagined, the climb was fast but the experience will be with me forever.

The hub is a center piece in this royal mile

As we were given the day to roam free through the city, each decided the best way to explore. I chose the Harry Potter (HP) experience, and followed the Mauders Map to the secrets the city had to show. I saw the cementry where JK Rowling found inspiration for some of the character names including Tom Riddle and Moodie, I also visited the castle where she drew inspiration for howgarts and lastly, visited the place where it all started The Elephant House, the coffee shop where she wrote HP.

The enitre cementry gives you the chills…

The day was filled with fun, a hike through nature and and hike through the city all in one. What more could I have asked for. Can I please stay here??

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