• Summer 2018 UK

End of Our First Week

Today was all about sustainability and the importance of green design. We started our day at Roots and Shoots with a fantastic lecture from Peter Massini from Greater London Authority.

After a morning of engaging conversation we were treated a home cook meal using vegetables grown in the on-site garden. To say it was good would be an understatement. Not only was the food food good, but the cooks accommodated the numerous dietary restrictions that are found in a large group.

Probably the best gluten free brownies that I have ever had

We finished our day with four groups going to four different green initiatives in the Greater London area. Students were tasked with observing and learning about different ways to bring green and ecological design into an urban setting like London.

Woodberry Wetlands: Urban wetlands open and available to all in north east London

Tomorrow students are off on their own to explore London and the many things that it has to offer!

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