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Finally Going Into the Wild

Today a few of the students travelled back to Edinburgh to study specific aspects of the architecture with Manish and the rest started their day at the Lighthouse. This old newspaper building was one of the first buildings that Glasgow's favorite and most famous architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, designed.

The typical sandstone found throughout Glasgow

Students learned both about the history of the building and the life of the architect. Additionally, we were taught about the use of local sandstone which can be seen on the majority of the historical building throughout central Glasgow.

Push the security gates together at the front and see the face of Mackintosh's wife Margaret

The tours were both informative and interesting, with our group being led around by a fellow American from Georgia.

After a quick lunch it was off to Loch Lomond which many of us were looking forward to. After having spent so many weeks in the city it was nice to get away and out into nature.

I know I am going to miss the regular tea breaks back in the US.

Our afternoon started with a fantastic lecture on the development of the small communities that live within the national park.

The day finished with a quick walk up the Balloch Castle for some sunshine and lake time.

Whoops David decided that right when the picture was being taken was the best time for putting down his stuff... OOOOHHHHH David.

Much better!

Students were left to enjoy the remainder of the day and as we walked down the path we saw many of them out of the dock. It took a minute for us to notice that there were all preparing to jump in the lake, which would not be very warm at this time of year.

Students jumping into the VERY cold lake.

After David had ensured that all students were safely out of the water we moved on for a well deserved break with the best view of the day.

Loch Lomond

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