• Summer 2018 UK

First Day in Glasgow

The morning was sunny and the perfect temperature. The students were happy to be in a new location and even happier that the temperature was much lower. Today consisted of a walking tour around the city center in order for everyone to get their bearings on their new home for the week.

Students getting briefed by Dave Carter

Along our walk we found murals throughout the city.

Additionally, Dave gave us a wonderful talk about the old trading posts for fruit, vegetables, and other goods in Merchant City which is part of central Glasgow.

The day finished around noon when the students were introduced to their next assignment and sent off to do their field work. As the leadership team was walking back to find some lunch we found that Pride was being celebrated and stopped to enjoy the parade.

Tomorrow is a free day in Edinburgh for everyone. I know I am excited and I believe that the students are as well!

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