• Summer 2018 UK

Knowles West: Embracing the Social Sides of Planning

Today was a great day filled with community, technology, and sunshine. I never would have thought I would get sick of the sun, but when you are expecting rain and clouds throughout the summer and have basically only had sunshine it can get a little redundant.

The students get to be independent in Bristol. We meet them in the middle of the city, where they are responsible of getting themselves on the bus and arrive in the city center on time. We met our trusty British leader, Dave Carter, at the central bus stop so that we could venture into the southern neighborhood of Knowles West.

Knowles West Media Center is a community organization that works to improve the lives of the people in their surrounding community.

Students listen to the story of the KWMC

After a tour of the facility we were given a short introduction to the work that is being done at the Center.

After this we were shown the numerous facilities that the KWMC run, including makers space where the community can come learn new trades and the Center can work on commissioned projects.

Students get a tour of the CNC lab and wood shop

Assistant Director Penny Evans enthusiastically sharing the work being done

Our final stop of the tour was a prototype modular home which was nicer than basically anywhere we have stayed here in the United Kingdom. I'm sure I was not the only one who was thinking when can I move in.

We finished our morning at KWNC with a delicious lunch and a bus ride back into the city. Bristol, which is the home to both Banksey and Wallace and Gromit has been a definite favorite among the group. It is a hip, gritty city that appeals to the young minds of our group.


Wallace and Gromit trail

Tomorrow we all head to Bath, British home to the Romans.

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