• Summer 2018 UK

Lords, Trains, and Busses with a Little Bit of Crazy

Today started with a lecture from a real life lord about sustainability. Lord Taylor of Goss Moor came and gave a very interesting lecture to our students. Questions continued until the very last second before we had to run back to the dorms in order to get our bags and get to the train station.

After a brief lunch our group met with the pre-boarding staff and were shown the train that would take us to Manchester. Had we not had pre-boarding I think someone would have been left behind and so Dave Carter was the hero of the day!

Never-ending paper work is the name of the game

Once we arrived we were met by Richard from the University of Manchester and shown the bus where the real excitement started. How to get 34 people with large bags onto a double decker public bus. You could see the horror on the bus drivers face as Richard explained what needed to happen. Luckily we have numerous creative and intelligent people in our group who said leave the bags on the bottom and get all the people up on the second story of the bus. The only person who was on the bus quickly ran upstairs as the hordes of loud Americans starting crowding onto the bus. The driver realized nobody else would fit on the bus and quickly took it out of service, taking us directly to our destination. Now that is what I call first class service!

The problem with 4 wheel roller bags is they move around easily. The trusty leaders trying to keep bags from rolling all over the already chaotic bus.

We arrived safe and sound in Manchester and are ready to take on a new city!

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