• Summer 2018 UK

Regeneration in the Neighborhood of Govan

Today we learned about the current and future plans for Glasgow in the morning. This was followed by one of the best lectures of the whole program in the neighborhood of Govan. Our visit to the Fairfield Heritage Center was amazing. We heard an honest account of their attempts to help rejuvenate the old ship building community that has been struggling since the industry has moved elsewhere.

Students asked many great questions and in the end many questions had to be left unanswered as we were running out of time.

After a quick tea break and time to wander the exhibit we made out way to the nearby church in order to see the Govan Stones.

Our group was led through the church and informed about the stories and history of these viking stones.

With some reluctance we left the church and walked down along the river path back to the subway station.

Tomorrow is the final day in Glasgow, which means it is the last day for students to do their field research for assignment 3. Better get working! Then we are back to England.

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